"Staying healthy doesn't need to be complicated. I use the below items in my Effective Fitness Strategies; you may want to do the same." -Evan Giles



One consistent thing through my many travels and coming of age moments has been exercise. It has been a way to clear my mind and get me through the hard moments in my life. When I was afraid of going down a path that was not good for me, fitness brought me back to reality. I knew I wanted to make this my career so I set a date and never looked back. What has surprised me the most is the more I have moved forward in this process the more this feels to be my true identity.


Supplements + FOOD

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I have a great support system of family and friends that have encouraged me to follow my passion and do what I love. I can't thank those people enough. One person who’s had a great impact on me is Danielle Goldyn, owner of Pursue Movement Studio. She believed in me and gave me permission to be 100% myself when I instruct. 



If you purchase a product listed on my site, I get a small kickback. This is at no cost to you. 

I never rep an item I don't believe in and use myself. No compan of the items listed has contacted me to advertisement a item.

Since I use all of these items, please contact me with any questions and I will be happy to answer.